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What to do in Aarhus Part 2

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Another 4 places to visit in Aarhus. This time we are taking a walk around the city center.

For these 4 attractions, I suggest you set aside 2 days.

5. Shopping Street

The street cannot be compared to the shopping street in Copenhagen, but it is worth visiting, especially if you are not used to having shops on the main street.

The shopping street starts at Brunn’s Galleri which is a mall/ train station. And finishes at another mall: “Magasin”. Along the street that connects these 2 shopping centers, you will find mostly Danish brands, a few of the typical ones and cafés.

6. Salling Rooftop

Salling is another shopping center in the middle of the shopping street. At the top there is Salling Rooftop. What made me add it to the list?

On the top floor of this mall- you can get a bite to eat, a cup of coffee and a clear glass floor, so you can see the shopping street underneath!!

7. Botanical Gardens

Every time I went to the Botanical Gardens I absolutely adored it. Some people are reading, some enjoy time with their families. It is nice and warm, a change from the gloomy Danish weather.

Most times during the year, it is full of butterflies. And a really good thing- IT IS FREE!

8. Den Gamle By

My first apartment was a few blocks away, so I did visit a couple of times. Some “houses” are added or changed from time to time, so you still get to see new things.

Den Gamle By means “The Old Town” and is split into parts for each decade. In each section you can find Danish classic stores, some where you can actually buy things, some just for you to see how it was back then. Apart from that, they keep building new sections for the most recent periods.

Den Gamle By is very close to The Botanical Gardens so I suggest making a day out of both of them! Bring comfy shoes!

You can buy your ticket online or in person, it is 150DKK.

If you are not sure why my count starts at 5, check here my first 4 places to visit in Aarhus:

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