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What to do in Aarhus Part 1

Updated: May 4

I have decided to share my top places to visit in Aarhus as I have been living in Aarhus for the past 6 years. I got to know the city and around really well, and like most people living in Aarhus these are top weekend places.

So hop along with me, as I will take you around Aarhus in 3 blog posts “What to do in Aarhus”.

I tried to put each post on areas, so you can get around faster. In this post, 3 out of 4 placea can be visited in one day, at Tivoli I would recommend 1-2 days.

1. Marselisborg Castle and Beach

First on the list, the Marselisborg Castle has been the summer castle for the Danish Royal family ever since 1967. As they have in Copenhagen, during the stay of the Royal family, there are guards, and if you come at the right time you can see the changing of the guards. Sadly, their stay the grounds are closed off, the park in front it is still open.

The beach is right across and you can take a walk around the docks and either enjoy a bite to eat or a warm cup of coffee if it is windy. Or for all I know you will take a bath.

2. Moesgaard Museum and Strand

Moesgaard Museum is a museum with a Danish archaeology focus and vikings. When we visited the first time and only time in our 7-9 years in Denmark, there was an exhibition brought from Italy with artifacts from Pompeii.

Moesgaard Strand is the connected beach with Marselisborg Beach.

3. Deer Park

What do you think people from Aarhus do when it is sunny? They feed the deers at The Deer Park. Around 3 km from The Marselisborg Castle, there is this 'dream land" for deers. You are allowed to feed them carrots and apples, which if you come in a sunny day they will not need, since everyone comes to feed them. Come in a cloudy day, or a working day and they will run after you and the bag of carrots.

4. Tivoli

Tivoli is quite amazing to visit in any period of the year as each season has its own charm. For Halloween you get the most I would say, as you get Haunted Houses and monsters roaming around scaring you plus the normal rides are still open. Go into the Haunted House at your own risk, pre visit I always thought I will be one of the last survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Now I know I will be the first to go.

We have never been during the summer, but they have concerts and the typical rides.

During Christmas, the decorations are gorgeous but sadly, most of the rides are closed. There is a Christmas market as well during this time.

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