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Randers Regnskov

We have been living close to Randers for 2 years now and somehow only now have we made it to Randers Regnskov.

A couple of months ago, we watched some videos and it seemed boring and we forgot about it, but recently the weather was horrible so we started again exploring indoor activities around our home.

We got a yearly entrance due to location, price and indoor & outdoor attractions.


It was not boring. We love all movies similar to Indiana Jones, and if you are like us you will love Randers Regnskov too. From the tropical ruins theme to the beautiful animals, all was such an adventure.

Randers area is quite scarce in interesting playgrounds, but where the outside attractions are, they have 2 big playgrounds as well, which since we got a yearly entrance will use those as much as possible instead of going to Aarhus.

3 big indoor tropical domes and an outside playground? Heaven for kids.

Important information:

  • They have a restaurant inside;

  • The tickets we got there (we couldn't find anything on the website about buying online) It was 385kr for yearly entrance and for kids under 3 years entrance was free;

  • They have strollers that you can borrow. Most routes inside the 3 tropical forests were stroller accessible, but there were a lot of places where you had to use the stairs, so we said we will get our baby carrier next time for easy access;

  • It is really warm inside;

  • You have lockers;

Check out my Instagram, TikTok or YouTube for the videos from here.

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