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Irish Wedding- Galway Edition

Both of us knew since last year when we got engaged in Ireland, that we want our wedding to be the same. Simple, unique and just us. But little did we expect the day we actually had.


Together with our friends and photographers from last year, Yvonne and Jeff, who were our witnesses as well, and the most beautiful bouquet created by @artofbloomingdani we had our little ceremony in Galway.

The bouquet was with peonies a symbol of romance, happy marriage and my favorite flower, eucalyptus and olive branches for my Greek heritage.

After the ceremony we went to the old city center of Galway, where we danced with an amazing street dancer, took pictures on top of a double decker bus, had our first pizza as a married couple at @thedoughbros and to finish our Galway adventure took pictures at @fattonysbarbershop.

We continued our photoshoot trip at the beach close to Black Rock Diving Tower where @ogradyrestaurant invited us inside for complimentary Prosecco and to warm up following the freezing session. This was followed by the most romantic pictures in the forest.

If no one figured this until now, both of us have a crazy obsession with Ed Sheeran and his songs, last year we went to the same pub and this year we went again at @oconnorsbarsalthill where Ed Sheeran filmed Galway Girl. We are so grateful for letting us in before opening!

Maybe in writing the day does not sound too exciting, but for us it was. People everywhere showed true happiness for us and we had a gorgeous day full of fun with the people that matter to us. We were able to enjoy something that we both believe should be just ours, to celebrate the start of our lives together, the start of our family in papers.

Huge thanks for everyone who made our day magical and helped us have the most unique and perfect wedding! Dream big and never stop working for what you want!

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