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Glow for New Year

From me to you, how long does it take you to achieve an impressive makeup? It takes me a lot, especially when I am pressured by time and anxiety kicks in. So with the help of DM and Trend it Up I tried to achieve an effortless makeup that will attract all eyes on you and let everyone think how much time you put into it.

All amazing makeup looks need to have a base that will hold the makeup and help you even out your skin. From the collection of foundations that Trend it up has it in the dm stores in Romania, I chose Camou 2in1 for the glow effect, the fact that it works as a concealer and the long stay while at the same time not adding a thick layer on the skin.

The second product was something that caught my eye from the first second, Highlightening Eye Shadow Cream that as any magic pot is waterproof. Easy to apply and easy to take off at the end of the night.

To really "shine bright light like a diamond" I added the Ultra Smokey Eye Shadow Pen that is so easy to use with the small blending sponge in the back. And to make it even better, it fits like a glove in any small bags.

To offer a real advice and test the products before telling you about it, I tested 2/3 products at a Christening party and the last one for a new makeup that I needed for a long day of meetings.

These products are that versatile that can be used both alone or in combination with other products. For the meetings day, over the cream eye shadow I added Fenty's Gloss Bomb to really take it up a notch.

This is a post about how would I use the products at the Glow by dm event in Vienna, and in order to write about something like this, I had to actually use and test the products. I know that events and work trips are hard and the time you have in between events is short and with these 3 products you can create a simple yet glowing makeup perfect for a January day full of snow and makeup. To leave you with a great picture I am adding a few shots with the makeup and the outfits behind.

Stand tall and fierce, Tall and Fierce by Cristina Linculescu

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